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Excellent May Gardening Tips

May in Southwestern New Mexico & west Texas can be hot, dry and/or windy. Take precautions to make sure all watering systems are working at their best.

Use Cypress mulch to help keep roots insulated from the HOT sun. This helps keep moisture in the root zone as well as the keeping weeds down to a minimum.

Lantana, red bird of paradise, Oleander, and other winter damaged plants may be emerging at this time. Do NOT remove them prematurely. These plants will emerge if watered occasionally during winter.

Crape Myrtle will begin to show flower buds at this time and will need regular watering when flowers begin to develop. They like fertilizing and resist "leaf burn" if given a soil acidifying product such as Ironite in conjunction with a regular fertilizer. Remove faded flower tips regularly.

Planting during this month is still successful. The Vitex, oleander, crape myrtle, roses, bird of paradise, texas sage, butterfly bush, red yucca and most "xeriscaping" plants will thrive when planted during this month. Be sure to water thoroughly when first planted.

Trees will also fall into this category. Just follow the directions as noted above. All ash, mesquite, desert willow (timeless beauty is a new variety), Chitalpa, Palo Verde, Live Oak, Chinese Pitache, and many more.

Be sure to fertilize your lawn, shrubs, tress, and bedding plants regularly to take advantage of your watering schedule. Over watering will NOT help "Green up" plants. Over watering can lead to chlorotic plants or excessive yellowing or Root Rot.

Fertilizing regularly as needed takes advantage of water your are applying. IT also keeps blooming plants blooming longer and resists insect and or diseases.

Fertilize Mexican Elders during this time of the year. This will help before it goes into the summer dormancy. Use a good all purpose fertilizer such as 16-8-8 with iron and sulfur. It can also be used on other trees, shrubs and lawns.

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